About Us

Graze Magazine was founded and created years ago by a publisher and a professional cook who already worked together in their past jobs. They had a great bond as they became friends from working together in a magazine before. Being friends, they came up with the idea of creating their own business, until it turned into a magazine idea since the publisher can be a great help in terms of that business. After a year, the planning for this magazine they were conceptualizing ended and they thought they were ready to present their own ideas to other people.

Both of them have connections so it was easier to get help and support from a lot of people. Thinking that they have to gain hire team members, such as writers, photographers, editors, among others in order to build this company, they established this organization first. After completing their plans as an organization and creating many programs tackle different food cuisines and cultures, they were successful in giving a lot of informative and educational stories. Through the organization, they were able to feature more and more good things in their magazine that also helped this company to rise to the top.

Through the organization and the magazine, the members, the staff, and the people behind Graze were all able to help many people who aspire to be cooks someday. Not only were they able to give information and tips to mothers from all over the world, but they were also able to inspire a lot of children, teens, and even adults. The Graze Magazine didn’t expect to receive so much support and love from a lot of people, but they were more than thankful because they became an inspiration and an educational organization through their works and programs.